Users get an area on your page
equal to the bits donated

To get started, log in with Twitch

With you get your own page under your own name. A user who donated bits can then go to your page and claim his own space.

Check out the sample page.

Frequently asked questions

  • Does the tipper have to claim his space immediately?

    No. The tipper can still (weeks) later exchange his bits for pixels.
  • Can you also accumulate pixels?

    Yes. It is not necessary to allocate a separate area for each donation.
  • How do I delete an area?

    Right click on one of your areas and select 'delete'.
  • How does the user know he has or is getting pixels?

    It is best if you write a small text in your info area. Or even better, write an automatic message in the chat, e.g. every 30 minutes.